My Top Tip For Preventing Conflict

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What are some of the pages from a mediator’s book that managers and supervisors could use to help manage and prevent workplace conflict?

Watch this video to learn the FIRST thing I do when I am facilitating mediation and learn my top tip for preventing conflict. (It’s not enough to do it just once. You have to check in regularly.)

In terms of impact, this tip may be more of a whole chapter out of the mediator’s book, rather than simply a page. This tip helps improve relationships, increase productivity and create a foundation for the best solutions.

Want to dive deeper? 

  1. Register for the Mediation Certificate Program for Managers and Supervisors: HERE
  2. Visit the Building Collaborative Workplaces (Free) Resource Hub: HERE
  3. 9 Things Leaders Could Learn From Mediators- add THESE strategies to your tool box: HERE



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