Leaders- How To Manage And Prevent Conflict During Difficult Times

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For “How Leaders Can Prevent and Resolve Conflict During Difficult Situations”, I joined behavioral scientist Dr. John Austin for an interactive working webinar.

We focused on preventing and managing workplace conflicts and workplace safety during this extraordinary time. Stress often creates a breakdown of trust at work. Furthermore, during stressful times, our focus narrows…

…the range of solutions we can think of is reduced

…individuals on teams may run to their corners and seek isolation or ‘siloing’

…and the risk of interpersonal conflict goes through the roof.

This webinar is a casual and interactive discussion of challenges that teams are facing during the Coronavirus epidemic and how we can understand them in order to produce better outcomes and more effective teams.

If there was a way to prevent conflict from boiling over, would you want to know? Download 5 Simple Steps To PREVENT CONFLICT That Damages Work Relationships HERE.

Want to dive deeper into how to prevent and manage workplace conflict? Join me for a four-week course that will provide insight into conflict solving styles, with a specific focus on collaboration and the key skill required to unlock impasse and open creative, mutually satisfying solutions. Find out more HERE.


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