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As a mediator and conflict coach, I help managers and their teams to stop losing sleep over everyday conflict and build more collaborative workplaces.

There was yelling in the hallway

This is a conflict coaching episode with my anonymous guest, Paula. Paula shares her experience beginning a new job at a nonprofit. When she started her job, she inherited a worker who had been displaying inappropriate behaviour with her co-workers and clients for decades. However, since no former manager had ever called her out, she didn’t believe there was a problem with her behaviour and blamed Paula for addressing it. This created a huge conflict, challenges and impacts.

Join us as we talk about how the situation happened, how Paula was impacted and… that ‘C’ word.

About this week’s guest: 

My guest today is anonymous to protect her identity. “Paula” is the director of a unionized nonprofit organization that works with vulnerable youth.

Tune in as chat about:

👉 When collaboration is the right approach and when might another conflict resolution style work better?

👉 Conflict coaching

👉 The impact of conflict on a workplace

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