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As a mediator and conflict coach, I help managers and their teams to stop losing sleep over everyday conflict and build more collaborative workplaces.

No matter how skilled you are, eventually everyone will experience conflict and nearly everyone dislikes it. Leaders are not exempt. The key is being able to shift more frequently to a place of self awareness to keep you from getting stuck in a spiral of conflict. Lisa Chandler of Chandler Coaches joins me on this episode of That C Word and we discuss Chandler’s expertise as a leadership coach and how being conscious of your needs can help resolve workplace conflict.


About this week’s guest:

Lisa Chandler has been coaching leaders and professionals across North America for more than a decade. Through Chandler Coaches signature program—The Conscious Leader Forum—Lisa has helped many leaders change their relationship with conflict. And while Lisa herself admits to growing up scared of conflict, she now uses practices like candour to pave the way to stronger, more connected relationships and thriving in her own life while supporting leaders to thrive in theirs.

Lisa and her coach partner Julie Ann Gauthier are bringing the best of their year-long leader Forum to a new online program called Thriving Leaders Intensive starting in January 2022. Crystal clarity, true self-acceptance, real courage, and big leadership impacts are all made possible through the deep support included by this 12-week program. Local Island leaders have the added bonus of being able to have their 1:1 coaching in person!

Visit Chandler Coaches online and connect with Lisa on LinkedIn if you’d like to be considered.


Tune in as we discuss:

👉 Understanding what’s motivating you and what your needs are

👉 When trust breaks down, negative assumptions are made

👉 5 styles of conflict resolution

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