Leaders: Focus On Building Good Relationships

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Leaders, Managers and Supervisors: Focus on relationships before you need to and watch your team’s productivity, engagement and effectiveness skyrocket.

As a leader, you may not have included ‘cultivating friendships‘ on your list of deliverables.

It likely isn’t written into your schedule.

In this short video, I discuss why it absolutely needs to be and share a few ideas to get you started.

The research shows that when we have friends in the workplace, when we feel friendly towards our team, productivity, engagement and effectiveness skyrockets.

It takes a mindset shift to see building good relationships as an activity that leads to an increase in productivity, rather than something that impedes productivity.

After watching this video, do you see how taking the time to cultivate relationships is vital for the bottom line? I’d love to hear your experiences building good relationships within your team! Share below.

Want to dive deeper and add more tools to your arsenal in order to be a more effective leader? 

  1. Register for the Mediation Certificate Program for Managers and Supervisors: HERE
  2. 9 Things Leaders Could Learn From Mediators- add THESE strategies to your tool box: HERE
  3. Visit the Building Collaborative Workplaces (Free) Resource Hub: HERE




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