Can Leaders Be Neutral?

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The role of a team leader is quite different from that of a mediator.

The first difference that may come to mind is that typically, mediators are neutral. Whereas you may think a leader, who is quite invested in outcomes, cannot be neutral.

Something to consider though: if one person is always making the decisions about how to move forward, the end results will always look the same.

One way leaders can borrow from the mediator’s book is by being more neutral. How? Look for times when it’s appropriate to set the parameters and facilitate a process to help the team figure out how the outcomes will be met.

In other words, be neutral to the how.

When people have a hand in creating an agreement ➡ they are more engaged and accountable ➡ relationships improve and ➡ improved relationships always improve outcomes.


Take a look at this quick video for more discussion around being neutral as a leader and let me know below if you will be using this tool in your team leadership role.

Want to go deeper and add more tools to your arsenal in order to be a more effective leader? 

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