Policy Hackathon 2021

Thanks for your engagement and participation in the May 11 workshop! You’ll find the recording of our session at the bottom of the page and I’ve added some resources here for you:

Powerpoint Handout 2021

Problem Solving Challenges Jamboard

Brainstormed Ideas Google Doc


If you want to go deeper on these skills after you have completed your policy marathon, you can find lots of free resources on my website (videos, worksheets, etc). I also have training available that expands on the intro we did today. You can find more info about the self-paced online pilot I mentioned here: Collaboration in a Box – collaborationschool.com

I’m giving this group a different registration cost ($197) since you already have the cards, so contact me directly to sign up.


For those of you who are managers or supervisors wanting deeper skills to support conflict management within your team, I also have a 6-day certificate program in mediation skills for managers and supervisors starting in the Fall:  Mediation Certificate Program for Managers and Supervisors – collaborationschool.com


Here’s the session recording: https://youtu.be/EP_j-E1TQsI


Happy to hear from you if you have questions!