Collaboration in a Box helps teams manage and prevent workplace conflict so they
can decrease stress, increase productivity and create healthy workplaces.

You know your team would be more productive if they could just work together but you already spend up to 40% of your time managing conflicts.

You know you could call in a mediator if it got really bad but wouldn’t it be so much easier (and less expensive) if everyone had the tools they needed to manage their own conflicts?

Or better yet! If they could get out in front of those tiny issues before they blistered into conflicts that require an intervention?

Imagine a workplace full of team members who are on the same page.

Productivity Up


How about a team that wasn’t afraid to bring their creativity and ideas forth because conflict wasn’t creating a wall?

Innovation Up


Imagine YOUR professional goals being crushed because you aren’t spending time managing your own (or other people’s) conflict?

Achievement Up

Introducing… Collaboration In A Box!

The most unique self-directed training that helps you build a collaborative workplace + The Collaboration In A Box Card Deck!

From a 25 year leader in the conflict resolution space: A self-paced training and learning platform that helps you use tools to bring collaboration to your workplace in a way that builds teams, disarms conflict and creates unity.

Collaboration In A Box includes:

o  a color-coded card deck that supports the user to identify the needs that must be met to build more easily and effectively towards solutions that satisfy all involved;

o  online training that includes self-paced videos and worksheets that support participants to use the tool to prepare for difficult conversations or collaborative group process and explains the concepts that will help them shift from conflict to collaboration;

access to live monthly group coaching calls and workshops with founder, Kirstin Lund.

Email Address

Kirstin Lund! 

I’m the owner of collaborationschool.com, creator of Collaboration In A Box.

I left my law practice and became a mediator and conflict trainer and coach in 1996. While I have mediated disputes in a variety of contexts, my passion and focus is interpersonal workplace and organizational conflict. I have trained thousands of people to use conflict resolution and collaboration skills in the past two decades – in University classrooms, around boardroom tables, in meeting rooms, at outdoor challenge courses and online. I am a certified MBTI practitioner specializing in personality type and its impact on conflict management.

Over the past 25 years, I have developed unique skills and tools that have taken the mediation process I first learned from one that helped people to find solutions they could live with, to one that transforms relationships and prevents conflict; a process that leaves people truly satisfied and excited about moving forward in innovative ways they couldn’t have conceived otherwise.

I look forward to helping you learn these valuable skills that will help transform your workplace as well!

What’s so special about the tool?

It helps you and your team simplify dealing with conflict in a way no other product on the market does, taking the most difficult skill in resolving workplace conflict and putting it in a box on your desk.

I have taken the needs identified in every workplace conflict I have mediated in the past 25 years and boiled them down to a deck of cards that represent 95% of needs that arise in the workplace, all but eliminating the hours, months and years of practice required to master the skill of identifying them.

This training will help you…

o   Prevent conflict.

o   Prepare for and participate in a difficult conversation.

o   Improve team innovation and decision-making.

o   Improve your personal decision-making and problem-solving.

o   Build team engagement and trust

o   Create a Psychologically Safe and Respectful Workplace

Your Investment

I plan to launch the Collaboration In A Box training for $297 US ($387 CAN) but I am offering the pilot program (all the same goodies!) for the introductory price of $197 US ($247 CAN)!

Collaboration In A Box is PERFECT for you if…

💡 You manage/supervise/lead a team (and these skills are great if you are a team member, too!).

💡 You are interested in freeing up your time from conflict resolution (your own or other people’s).

💡 You want to increase productivity, trust, innovation and creativity at your workplace.

💡 You care about the growth of your team.

💡 You value developing your leadership skills.


Now is the perfect time for you to sign up for Collaboration In A Box because as a pilot member, you get access to the training for more than 36% off the full price cost! We kick off in mid-January so when your team comes back together after the holidays, you will be perfectly situated to put those good practices into place and get off on the right foot for 2021.


You have questions? I have answers!

When does the training kick off? Mid-January, 2020.

How long do I have access to the training? You have lifetime access!

What is the time commitment as I go through the training? Each video is 5-20 minutes long.

What support is there? Each month I’ll have a live, online session where I’ll answer questions, add new ideas and offer hot seats.

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