Module 4: Moving from Positions to Interests

Welcome to Module 4! This is the lesson that changes everything, what I like to call the magic of collaboration. When you get these skills down, that’s when you start to become confident in the face of conflict.

  1. First, watch this 31 minute video about interests and positions (an extra long video, I know, but so worth the extra time).

Here are the powerpoint slides in a handout you can print and take notes on: Module 4 Handouts. If you’d like them in large print, use these handouts instead: Module 4 handouts large



2. And, the homework for Module 4 (here’s the word doc: Module 4 Homework and the pdf: Module 4 Homework):


Moving from Positions to Interests

Moving from Positions to Interests



3. When I receive your homework for this Module, I will send you a note so we can book a time for our one-on-one call. We’ll need to do that before Module 5. During the call, I’m going to help you get crystal clear on your interests, a critical step in preparing to collaborate.