People Really Like Me

Former students have this to say:

“Learning interest-based process has transformed every relationship I have – in both my professional and personal life. Having confidence in my ability to resolve conflict has taken the fear and worry out of having difficult conversations. The skills I learned from Kirstin Lund have become a process, a way of thinking and a way of seeing the world. When I hear something upsetting, instead of reacting negatively, I am curious to understand the situation and other people’s perspectives. Once each other’s perspectives and needs are better understood, conflict transforms into a problem that can be solved collaboratively. It is almost magical how well the interest-based process works. I wish it was taught in every school, every workplace, and every legislature!”

Michelle MacCallum, Director of Youth and Parent Programs, Women’s Network PEI


~ ~ ~


“I was very fortunate to have received interest-based training in a number of areas from Kirstin Lund.  As a trainer, Kirstin has it all, starting with a tremendous working knowledge of all aspects of the subject area, combined with great humour and teaching skills.  She can teach these skills to anyone, from beginner to advanced, and each would get something from the training session.  My recommendation for my former teacher is of the highest order.”

James Musgrave, Q.C., Mediator/Arbitrator/Lawyer/Partner, Cox & Palmer, Halifax, NS


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“I took several conflict resolution courses from Kirstin in completing my certificate at UPEI. It was fascinating to be guided by such a knowledgeable teacher. Although I knew a thing or two about conflict, she added depth and insight beyond what I could have imagined.”

Delphine du Toit, Mediator/Conflict Coach/Consultant/Writer, Halifax, NS