Module 2: Choosing Your Practice Case

Welcome to Module 2! It’s time to choose the case you’ll be applying the skills and learning to.

  1. First, watch this short nine and a half minute video. Here are the handouts if you’d like to print them and follow along: Module 2 Handouts. (Here they are in large print: Module 2 Handouts large)



2. Now, I’ve created a checklist I think will help you as you do the homework to choose your practice case. You may find it useful to print it before moving on to the homework activities. Here it is: Suitability for Collaboration Checklist


3. And, the homework! Here are the word and pdf docs so you can start offline before you submit: Module 2 Homework (word) and Module 2 Homework (pdf)

Choosing Your Practice Case

Choosing Your Practice Case