Module 11: Debriefing Your Practice Case

Wow. So you did it, you used the skills to address your practice case. I hope it feels great and that you got some good results. I know it may have felt awkward to ask those questions or to share those iMessages. Just like any skill, this will take practice to integrate and seem normal. Keep at it and it will come easier.

stages of competence

Keep practicing the skills. Use them when there’s no conflict (that’s how you prevent conflict). Use them when there is conflict. Use them to understand yourself better, when you don’t know why you’re feeling anxious or upset (and use them even if you do know, you might surprise yourself). Soon, it will be second nature, and you won’t have to think so hard about it. It won’t feel so awkward. It will just be the way you think and talk.

There’s no new material in this module. It’s a time to debrief and reflect on your learning, so homework only from here on out!

Here’s the word doc for this module’s homework: Debriefing Your Practice Case Homework and pdf: Debriefing Your Practice Case Homework.


Debriefing Your Practice Case

Debriefing Your Practice Case