Module 1: Collaboration

Welcome to Module 1! I’m so glad you’re here.

1. Please start by watching the 21 minute video about the 5 modes of conflict/problem solving.

If you find it useful to take notes and follow along with the slides as you watch, I’ve created a handout you can print: Module 1 Handouts. If you like to have the handouts in large print, use these instead: Module 1 Handouts large.



2. When you’re ready, do the homework below. I’d suggest you write your answers in a word document (or other word processing program) and cut and paste it to the form below. I’d hate for something to go awry and risk you losing your homework before you hit submit! (Here’s a word doc and pdf of the homework questions to help with that – word: Module 1 Homework Module 1 Homework  and pdf: Module 1 Homework)

I’m looking forward to receiving your homework (all you have to do is hit submit and it will come to me for feedback). Once I receive it, I’ll be in touch with some feedback within a few days.


Module 1 Homework

Module 1 Homework