The Building Collaborative Workplaces Course and Conference was created to work with organizations experiencing everyday conflicts- those that haven’t reached a stage of crises. 

The program focuses on conflict prevention and building understanding and agreement, rather than on resolving high level conflict. 

The FREE resources below are available to everyone and were designed to support those looking to improve their conflict resolution style, gauge the level of conflict in their workplace and those who would like to take steps to create and strengthen a collaborative culture. 

Video Library

Cheerleading in the workplace! Sounds like a good thing, right? In this video, Kirstin Lund discusses cheerleading during conflict and what you can do instead.

Workplace Harassment: Are you in compliance?

Psychological Protection: Learn about the national standard.

A Day of Learning!

Video workshops from Building Collaborative Workplaces Conference 2020.

Stephen Carpenter | Psychologically Safe Workplaces: What Are Your Obligations and Best Practices?

Get access to Stephen’s slides from his workshop HERE.

Wendy MacIntyre | Re-Building Workplace Trust in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Get access to Wendy’s slides from her workshop HERE.

Kirstin Lund | Best Practices for Preventing Conflict and Building Collaborative Workplaces

Worksheet Library

Sit down with your team to reflect on your conference take-aways, giving each team member a turn to share their reflections.


One of the three key learnings I’ve had in my twenty-four years as a mediator and conflict coach is that good relationships equal good solutions.

There’s a common belief that people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers. But studies show that what people more often quit is organizational cultures that aren’t consistent with their needs and values.

One of the foundational steps we can take to build collaborative workplaces is to create policies and practices that support the health of individual team members.

My top tip for conflict prevention is getting really clear on expectations and how you want to work together before there’s conflict.

Guide Library

To assist in ensuring the health and safety of workers, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act) and Regulations set the minimum standards for occupational health and safety in the workplace and define the general safety principles for provincially regulated workplaces in Prince Edward Island. This guide has been developed as a tool to assist employers in complying with workplace harassment legislation

Every worker has a right to a healthy and safe workplace. To achieve this, employers and workers play a contributing role in creating and maintaining a positive and respectful work environment.

There are many forms of harassment that can happen at work. This Guide was developed by the PEI Human Rights Commission’s Workplace Sexual Harassment Project (WSHP) to help employers develop a policy and procedures to deal with sexual harassment.

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