Wish you had a tool that made collaboration skills SUPER EASY (not just for you, but for the teams you support?)

Advanced Collaboration In a Box

*pre-requisite required

You’ve already taken at least 40 hours of mediation training from me, so you know the skills and process work – but it does take time and effort. And not everyone has your skills, which means you have twice the work to do. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple tool that helped you and the tams you support to get right to the heart of the conflict – those elusive need and interests – immediately?

Or better yet, a tool that supported teams to prevent conflict in the first place? You could all be so much more relaxed, more collaborative, and more productive if only those conflicts were easier to prevent or defuse.

“Why” Before “How”

You know this is the essential premise behind every skill and process I teach.

In more than 25 years working as a mediator and conflict coach, helping teams to develop their collaboration skills and resolve their conflicts, I’ve seen over and over that the first crucial step is to get total clarity on what matters most to whom. (And you know that with clarity at the point of the conflict’s origin, you and your team can even resolve it before there’s any opportunity for escalation.)

All problem solving is about meeting needs that are not currently being met, or that we fear won’t be met. But most people jump right from “We have a problem,” to “Here’s how we could try to solve it”… and they miss out the crucial step of asking, “Wait, why do we have this problem?”

It’s not surprising — fast, decisive action is rewarded in most workplaces, so no wonder your team tends to want to move forward to the solution phase of the process as quickly as possible.

In a conflict, pushing forward to a solution without first finding out why the problem exists will only make the whole process take longer.

You already know this – when we’re clear on what needs we’re trying to meet, not only are we more likely to succeed but we’re also more likely to find creative new ways to do it. And when we choose and implement a solution, having that ready-made list of needs provides the exact evaluation criteria needed to measure and optimize the solution’s effectiveness.

Collaboration in a Box

I’ve already taught you the skills to identify the “why” and you’ve spent a lot of time practicing those skills. You’ll always have that in your back pocket (or on the tip of your tongue, or in your bag of tricks or wherever you like to store it…) I created Collaboration in A Box to make it easier – because sometimes it’s nice when things are easy.

Collaboration in a Box is a simple, effective and easy-to-use tool to pinpoint the needs that must be met in any interpersonal workplace conflict, creating the foundation for clarity, understanding and satisfactory solutions. Developed from insight gained over twenty-five years of facilitating workplace conflict, the Collaboration in A Box card deck is a one-of-a-kind tool that represents 100% of the needs and interests I’ve heard in the workplace mediations I have facilitated since I began my career.

The Plan

During this fun, one-day workshop, I will share the Collaboration in a Box card deck tool and how it can be used to quickly increase clarity and support collaboration in the workplace. This very interactive day will provide you the opportunity to try out some of the many of the ways to use the cards as a team member, a team leader, facilitator or mediator.


You’ll learn how to use the tool to:

  • support personal decision-making in the workplace
  • prepare for difficult conversations
  • coach others in preparation for conflict solving
  • address conflict as a party or neutral
  • prevent conflict
  • build strong team relationships
  • increase workplace wellness
  • build collaborative workplaces


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Need to Know

When and where is it?

September 20, 2022 from 9:00-4:00 

Room 319 CAST, Holland College, 300 Kent St, Charlottetown


What’s the cost and what’s included? 

Every participant will go home with their own deck of Collaboration in a Box, as well as an instruction manual detailing how to use the cards for various purposes. The tool is not currently available to be purchased outside a training program, however, for this training only, you may purchase one extra deck at my cost ($25.) For the full day, including workshop, cards, manual (and snacks!), the cost is :

$375 plus hst (one deck)

$400 plus hst (two decks)


Will we have fun? 

I do believe we will.


Will I learn a ton of new ways to support the teams I work with?



If I haven’t taken mediation training from you in the past, can I come?

Nope! This is an advanced workshop and you’ll need to have the foundation to get the most out of it (at least 40 hours of mediation training from me – anytime in the last two decades is fine!) Check out the Mediation Certificate Program for Managers and Supervisors – collaborationschool.com instead.


Register by filling out a brief form HERE

I’m Kirstin Lund, owner of collaborationschool.com, creator of Collaboration In A Box (so nice to see you again!)

P.S. If you are thinking that a foundational course that includes Collaboration In A Box might be a great training for your entire team to take, you’re right! Let’s talk! I’ll gladly answer all of your questions so that you can make a fully informed decision. Book a time to talk here.