to PREVENT CONFLICT that Damages Work Relationships

Are you someone who —

  • would rather live with the impact of small conflicts at work than address them and possibly make things worse?
  • notices that some people you work with don’t seem to care about the impact of their actions on you?
  • has experienced a build-up of resentment and breakdown in trust so large it ultimately led to the end of a once valued work relationship or job?

If there were easy steps you could take before you get to that level of conflict that really damages relationships, would you take them?

There are 5 very simple steps you can take before things spiral to that place of resentment and a complete breakdown of trust. The step by step process, along with a user-friendly worksheet designed to help you prepare to take action, are included in this free, easy-to-follow Training Guide.

If you use the steps consistently, you will:

  • avoid assumptions that break down trust
  • improve your communication
  • increase mutual understanding
  • strengthen your relationships
  • increase enjoyment in your work

About Your Trainer, Kirstin Lund

Since leaving my law practice in 1996 to become a full-time mediator, collaborative facilitator and conflict coach, I have trained thousands of people in conflict resolution, collaboration and communication skills. Developing and applying my specialized collaboration skills and process with clients and in my own life over the past twenty years has led me to the understanding that when you focus on building good relationships and finding solutions that meet the needs of all involved, conflict and stress can very often be avoided. Collaboration isn’t always easy, but the feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction at work, home and play are a constant reminder that it’s worth the effort.

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